Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Getting into this crochet...

It was our Wedding Anniversary last Friday and following a strong hint from me (lol) my husband bought me these baskets to organise my yarns and current project. They were a nest of 4 from Wilkinsons and the colours are just delicious. I added an Ikea plastic cup in pink (of course!) which serves as a bin for my 'ends' when I'm finishing a project. I also had the project folder which helps keep my instructions tidy and sits on top of the smaller basket if I need to keep Bryn's nose out! I've been treating myself to the Wendy Supreme Cotton DK yarn from eBay so I now have a lovely selection of colours to go at for little projects. As the smaller basket has room for the yarn I'm using I just have to grab that one and my iPod to go and spend a happy hour hooking in the garden!
So what have I been up to?
 I've become an avid follower of Attic 24 as Lucy explains things so wonderfully with loads of pictures. She made these as Christmas decorations but I fancied trying them now so I chose 4 ice cream colours and have an idea about finding the perfect twiggy branch to bring inside and hang them on! I copied the entire tutorial, including the photos into Word and edited it as I needed- removing some photos to save on ink and reducing the size of others- then printed out all 14 pages of what remained!!! But I am so glad I did because, as a beginner, I could keep going back to the instructions to check things. I have stuck to the 4 colours but each decoration will be different. I plan to make 8 altogether- but so far have finished 3 and have 3 ready to make up.
Here are the finished ones hanging in my baby apple tree.
(A Mothers' Day present from earlier this year, which I don't think will bear any fruit this year- so here's it's moment of glory!)
I could start a circle before, but I now know how to:-
  • join colours and carry on
  • increase the stitches to make a flat circle
  • make the long DC into the previous circle for the outer decorative ring
  • crochet two pieces together
They aren't perfect but I'm really rather proud of them and of what I'm learning as I go along!


Attic24 said...

GOrgeous! Can I just add that a friend of mine suggested putting a yankee candle scented wax tart inside instead of stuffing and using them as coathanger clothes hanger smelly thingies...brilliant eh? They would make super little gifts that way.
Love your baskets too, and the yarn looks delish, I've not come across it before, will go check it out.
Lots of hooky love
ps was it really 14 pages?? cripes!

Nannieflash said...

Oh Alison they are gorgeous and such beautiful colour choice, and I wouldnt leave them outside today as its pouring of rain yet again. hugs Shirleyxxxx