Friday, 11 May 2012

What else have I been up to?...

Now that I'm feeling better I have been doing quite a few cards- you may have noticed that the frequency of my blogging has increased.

I'm starting to be able to do more around the house too, which is beginning to lift the strain off my husband, mum-in-law and son. Plus I think I have learned to 'chill' a bit more about the housework which will hopefully give me a bit more 'me' time in future.

I haven't been able to drive- but I have treated myself to a bit of online shopping so have had some 'happy mail'! I'm hoping to try driving again at the weekend, if my car hasn't completely seized up, which I'm looking forward to.

Our poor, energetic Welsh Sheepdog pup, Bryn, has just had to calm down a bit! Otherwise we would have struggled to live in the same house. Last weekend we decided that I was sufficiently healed to allow him to sit with me on the sofa, so all he wants to do now is sit ON me and he is rather large to be a lap-dog! I think he missed some 'mummy' time! I haven't been able to walk him either, which we have both missed, but I'm going to see if I can start again next week- so long as he wears his Halti as he pulls like a train without it.

The other thing I have been doing is trying to crochet again. Last summer I persuaded a lady from my church to get me started. I am not a natural and it took her two afternoons to get me going! After that I found a really clear picture-heavy tutorial for some simple little flowers and I learned how to do them and made quite a few. But then we got Bryn at the end of last August and that was the end of crocheting for a while! I decided to try again now he is older- although I have still had soggy wool a couple of times, but I think he is learning that that is a no-no now! I had a frustrating few hours before I got it again but have now made some more of the little flowers that I am planning to use on my cards.

I found the blog with the tutorial again and her stuff is so inspiring- I would love to try some of the bigger stuff but am not quite brave enough yet! However she recently posted another flower tutorial for May Roses and I decided to give them a go. I did one first time- although my husband kindly pointed out that it must have taken lots of concentration as I had my tongue out lots!!! They are too 3D for cards but I love doing them so thought I may make a brooch or something with them.


Water Lily Cards said...

Hi Alison...I just love your crochet flowers...I know the blog you found...she is truly inspiring... it was her that got me crocheting again


Attic24 said...

Gorgeous wee flowers! Love the idea of you hooking with your tongue out...each of my three children do this when they are concentrating hard, it's so sweet to see!
Wishing you many hours of happy hooky time ♥

Hazel said...

Hi Alison

These are just fabulous - I so wish I could make them ;o(

Thanks for popping by to see me.

Toodley Pip

Hazel xx

Nannieflash said...

Hi Alison, glad to hear you are improving hopefully it wont be long now before your back to normal. I love your crochet flowers and the last one is just gorgeous, well done. hugs Shirleyxxxxx