Friday, 10 August 2012

Cute crochet accessories...

Do you remember the yummy baskets I got to store my crochet stuff in?
(Scroll down a couple of posts if you'd like to see them.)
Well I love having coordinated accessories so I have been making a couple of extras for it...

Having seen a few bits on Ravelry about making polymer clay handles for your hooks I decided to have a go at making some for myself- and these are the results! I used a whole pack of the pink and a small amount of the white (which is actually one of the special effects ones and has *glitter* in it- love it!). After reading the thread on Ravelry and having a nosey around Etsy I decided to take the clay over the thumb rest because it suits the way I hold my hook better. I also followed the advice to prick the hook size into the clay on the end before baking! They felt a bit different to use at first but I soon got used to them and now they're really comfy. I used the last tiny bits of the clay and some jewellery findings from my stash to make some matching stitch markers.

I used to put my darning needle on the table beside me but was forever squealing for my husband or son to grab our pup because I had dropped it again! So I decided to make a small pincushion for it using Lucy's bauble decoration tutorial. I made the hanger so that it could go around my wrist or be looped onto my little scissors like a scissor keeper.

I made lots of  funky flower and rose brooches but I didn't take any photos and when I took them into school before we broke up they all sold out! I'm making more at the moment so I will make sure I get some photos of them to show you soon.