Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sorry no cards yet.....It's been a rubbish week and it's only Wednesday!

Just thought I would post to say that I'm still here and ok but I haven't made any cards because I'm having a rubbish week!

First my bank called on Sunday morning to check some transactions and the last two weren't me so my card had been cloned and had to be cancelled. I was really glad they spotted it so quickly and contacted me as it could have been much worse, but it is such a hassle not having a card as it is my only one. I had to go into town on Monday with my passport for ID to get some cash to see me through and have still not had my replacement card.

When I came out of work today I noticed that someone had hit the back of my car, scratching the bumper behind the back wheel. It probably didn't happen today as I would like to think my collegues would have owned up. It was probably last night outside my house or at the supermarket yesterday. So annoying to just find that and for nobody to have owned up- probably too small to go to the insurance but I don't want to just leave it so will have to pay for it myself. My car isn't anything fancy or new (except for the floral decoration I have added!)but I love it and like it to look smart. Much to the amusement of my neighbours, I wash it by hand!

On a less serious note I was teaching in a reception class yesterday and when I went to put on my trousers this morning I had green Play-doh dried onto the bum- Lovely!!

And while I'm having a moan this weather is driving me bonkers! Lovely sun- so we let our halltime go to a class that needed to rehearse their assembly and took the two year 2 classes out for PE, 10 minutes later it is bucketing down with rain and we have to dash in, only for the sun to come out again about 10 minutes later. It chucked it down again just as we were coming in again at the end but was dry by the time they had changed!

Anyway, I feel better now I have got these moans off my chest! Hopefully my new card will come tomorrow, my car won't cost too much to put right and I will get my Mojo back soon!
Thanks for listening!!!!


Donna said...

Hi Alison, so sorry to hear you've had such a rotten week, I hope your new credit card turns up soon, well done to your bank for spotting the transactions. I hope it doesn't cost too much to get your car repaired, some people are so inconsiderate aren't they :( Donna x

LilyPuss Cards said...

Oh Alison..I hope your week gets you may have read on my blog my week didnt start too good either what with the mouse in the house!! took me all day to deal with came out in the end and i trapped it under a plastic box and slide some cardboard underneath and scooped it up..but by the time i got to the kitchen to chuck it out into the garden it had slipped out of the box and was tightrope walking along the edge of the cardboard!! and i was saying to it ..dont fall dont fall..anyway i managed to get it on to the lawn but only just!! I havent let the cat out since in case she finds him again!!..I was so stressed!! partner dosent live with me so its hard not to have a chap around when something like that happens!!..sorry I'm going on a bit!!...anyway its friday tomorrow...
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog..I do love the gorjuss havent got the one you did for your cousins daughter..but its on my wish list..they are such a joy to colour.

Kind regards