Sunday, 1 August 2010

Happy Yorkshire Day!..

August 1st is the 25th Yorkshire Day so I thought I would share a little something that made me smile...

An American tourist comes to England to visit. He tours around the major cities and, being a great lover of cathedrals and churches, he visits many - starting in St. Pauls Cathedral in London. Whilst in there he is admiring the great architecture and amazing fittings when he notices a golden telephone behind the altar. He asks someone what the golden phone is...and gets the answer, "That's a direct line to God! But it costs 50 million British pounds to use it !"
Amazed, he snaps some photos, and moves on for his next visit.
In Lincoln Cathedral he is again loooking around at the majesty of the interior, when he sees another golden telephone behind the altar. Again, he asks someone what it is...."a direct line to God mate! But its 50 million British Pounds to use it!"
Again, amazed, he snaps some photos, and moves on for his next visit.
He visits great cathedrals and churches the length and breadth of Britain - Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol etc etc....and all have these golden phones behind the altar - £50million pounds a call.
Finally he arrives in Yorkshire and calls in York Cathedral. He is taking photos and taking it all in when he notices that there is a sign next to the golden phone which reads, "All calls 10pence".
Aghast, he asks the Vicar about it, "I have seen these golden phones in all the places I have visited, but they are £50million to call come this one has that sign on it?"
The Vicar replies "This is Yorkshire lad...its a local call from here!"

Happy Yorkshire Day from God's own county!