Monday, 31 August 2009

An award!

It was so lovely to check my blog while away visiting my parents in Wales to find that Sarah had kindly given me my first award! My mobile internet connection was dire so I decided to wait until I got home to post it on here. Thank you so much, Sarah- great to have a blogging friend who is also a teacher- making the most of those last seconds of holiday!

The terms of this particular award are:-
  1. Make reference to award and publish it on your blog
  2. Share 5 things you like to do
  3. And share with 10 blogs
  4. Inform each blog
I like to:-
  1. Cover the dining room with my stuff and make cards- obviously!
  2. Spend time with my son- soon to be in KS2- where did the time go?
  3. Visit my parents who are nearer now than they were when I lived in London but still too far away.
  4. Chat with my husband and son at the dinner table each day. [Yes, the craft stuff gets put away for every meal- Oh for a craft room!]
  5. Get 'happy mail', of the crafting sort! [My list of shops in my favourites grows ever longer and my wishlist far exceeds my salary!]

I'm giving this award to:-

Summer at Summertime Designs for sharing her wonderful free digi scrapbooking kits which also print beautifully for cards.

And to the following blogs that I follow and who follow me for sharing their cards and taking the time to leave kind comments:-

Julia at {The PerkyPig Gets Creative!} .

Denise at The Crafty Den .

Debby at A scrapjourney.

Tara at Happily Ever Crafting.

Jan at LilyPuss Cards.

{ I know that's only six but I really have to get the tea on now so will have to leave it at that!}


DottyJo said...

Hi Alison, congrats on your award -isn't it great when people spread a little cyberlove! Thanks for leaving me the link to that cute little digi-image... i will have to indulge as she is so sweet.
I have found another useful link with hints for watercolouring so thought I would pop over and leave it for you! Happy crafting, Jo x

LilyPuss Cards said...

Hi Alison

Congrats on the award, hun..and thank you so much for passing it on to me...although I have been a bad blogger of late...not posting very much!! but that will change soon..just havent had much time to myself lately..but I'll be back..

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hello, Alison.. I would have liked to send you a private message, but no email link, so I'll have to introduce myself in public! lol ;o) I saw your comment on the Pink Petticoat blog regarding wanting to make a card for a colleague undergoing breast cancer treatment, and looking for inspiration.

I am a breast cancer survivor, and recently posted a bit of a cheeky card on my blog for women in your friend's situation. If your colleague has good a sense of humour, she might appreciate the levity of it, as everything can get entirely too intense and serious when you're going through treatment. If you like it, please feel free to copy it... or use the PP download... whichever you're happiest with.

Anyway, you'll find it HERE

God bless you (and your friend)..

Chris xx

Sarah said...

Hi Alison! glad you like your award! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Enjoyed reading it! How is the teaching going? You are so brave teaching KS2! I much prefer the bigger kids at KS3 and KS4! I do teach craft to the kids at the local primary schools and gee whizz..... are they hard work! I am sure you will settle in to it like a duck to water! All the best! Only 6 weeks till half term!.....not like I am counting :)

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Alison, thanks so much for thinking of me. I will add it to my blog very soon (I've got tons of stuff to add but I've been a bad blogger - will rectify that soon). Hugs, Denise x