Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Off to Wales for a few days.

Well I had hoped to get in one more project but I have been too busy packing. I'm off to Wales tomorrow with my son for Easter with my Mum and Dad (poor hubby is staying home to do some work on his business premises!). They don't have Internet at their house and it is like being without your right arm- heck, I can't even get a mobile signal without going into the town. I'm hoping I may get on once if I can find somewhere to connect but I will have to see! I look forward to reading any comments you leave when I get back but please bear with me if they don't appear my blog for a few days. Happy Easter everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hello you! I've had a quick look as I'm not spending long at Sarah's and have already spent time on my emails. Love the blog. Hx